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Nuestro Colegio

El Colegio Nueva Colombia IED es un establecimiento educativo oficial de la localidad de Suba, adscrito a la Secretaria de Educación del Distrito Capital...

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El objetivo de este proyecto es brindar a los estudiantes estrategias y espacios necesarios para la adquisición de hábitos lecto – escriturales y comunicativos...

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Colegios Amigos Del Turismo

El turismo ha sido fundamental para la economía de muchas naciones. Se ha constituido en un elemento clave de crecimiento económico y desarrollo del mundo... 

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My ideal world



Eleventh grade students invite us to reflect and start to build an ideal world. 






The ideal term currently means that something or someone fits very closely into a model or prototype of perfection.


Well, considering this definition, I can say that in my opinion, an ideal world is outside of the reality, and if it were achieved, the existence of humanity would no longer make sense.

For me, in an ideal world there would be equality of possibilities for everybody, a world where children grow up happy, where listening is more important than speak, where it is more important

to be than to have, a world where we can choose and not let's take the crowd decisions, a world where there are no failures, but learning experiences and opportunities to improve, and a world

where love is the basis of everything.

Although this is my definition of the perfect world, I am aware that many people have a different point of view and this is one of the reasons that could be added to the list of causes that

the "ideal" world is just a matter of imagining unreal things.

In conclusion I can say that it is not a question of trying to make a perfect world, but to improve our defects as humans and take into account that there are infinite possibilities,

I would like that if people see the possibility of helping others, just do it, because that is the first step to achieve a better world.  The ideal world is still far away but I do not lose the hope that one day

it will be part of our reality not just a fantasy.

Karol Anaya 1105






My ideal world would be a place with equal opportunities for everybody...

a world where every child grows up happy without being hungry, where they have a home with a family who gives them love...

a world where respect is not attacking anyone...

a world where we all take care of our planet and we dón't contaminate it,

a  world without animal abuse,

a world where violence and evil did not exist,

a world where elderly people are helped and they use to be happy,

A world where books take the same importance as computers,


A world where love and peace are the base of everything.


Lady Mondragón


            AN IDEAL WORLD                   

An ideal world would be a world with equal possibilities for everybody where children grow up happy without being hungry or cold with the security of having a future with opportunities,

a world where we respect the smallest things, where technology is the last thing and we share more with our families and above all without stereotypes.

That intrigued me, how and why we are obsessed. With the ideal, if it is something unreal and we are always involved in a lot of reality that seems to be a concept opposed to the ideal.

But above all perhaps we obsess because we are tired of the injustice of the righteous paying for sinners because this is evident from

the highest point of the government that is why we dream and idealize an ideal world with justice, rights and possib


 Dana Horta


My perfect world

In my perfect world, there wouldn´t be death or sadness,

we would be rational human beings and we would stop throwing trash. 

My perfect world would be a clean world. 


Tatiana Cordoba

Menú Principal




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